Thursday, 25 August 2011

No More Nappies is in sight!

Well, finally it's here.  My 3 year old has finally taken to undies. I'm sure I could have trained him earlier given some effort, but third time round I decided that there was no hurry and it would work itself out - so hopefully this is it.  Unlike most Mum's that have done this before, I don't really have any toilet training advice - I'm not sure that I'm even very good at it.  It seemed to take sons one and two forever to stop having accidents.  I am hoping that my no rush, lets all relax attitude this time will produce a better result.

There is some good advice on the Better Health Channel website, which incidently is a site I have used a lot over the years for illness etc in the kids.  I find it gives good, no nonsense, no hype advice. Another good site in a similar vain is the Parenting and Child Health website.  Both are good reference points.

I'm thinking that if he doesn't take to it, I will have to provide the motivation in the form of a bucket of cheap matchbox cars.  If he goes, he gets one.  We'll see.  Will keep you posted.


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