Monday, 22 August 2011

Head lice - arrgghh!

On inspection of my middle son this morning, I was a bit shocked to find head lice.  Shocked, not because I was horrified or anything, but shocked because this is the first time we have been inflicted.  With three kids, you'd think that it would have happened before now, but this was the first time.

When I SMS'd my husband and told him, he said (and I quote), 'oh, I thought that only happened to clean people'.  hmmmmm.  Apparently though, a lot of people think this, that it's people who wash their kids hair too much are the ones that get it. 

Anyway, I duly went and got some 'stuff' from the chemist and treated the little man, and his brothers later in the day.  The thing that I am really surprised about is the ridiculous amount of misleading information I read in the information that came with said 'stuff'.  Having scanned the Victorian Government guidelines, I was well informed that I didn't have to go mad and wash everything in the whole house, I could just wash perhaps his bedding, and that once treated he could go to kinder this afternoon as planned.

If I was relying on the brochure, I would have been madly washing everything he'd worn lately along with all bedding, towels in the whole house in super hot water.  I also would have had to keep him home from kinder for the day and would have had a nervous breakdown worrying about the 'extremely contagious' nature of the little beasts.

I hear a few things from people about head lice that are nothing if not alarmist.  Heard any ridiculously overstated stories lately about something that is really just part of the deal?  Please share.

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